Custom Coaching Solutions for Corporate Executives

All of the services that Sonia provides, from the main executive coaching partnerships to our group leadership development classes, incorporate a unique approach to facilitating change through self-awareness and shifts in behaviour.

Executives who have been through our six-month program report a sense of clarity in their new thought processes and pathways, improved relationships at work and at home, and enhanced overall performance.

This method is incredibly effective for boosting an individual’s authenticity and executive presence while working to improve their personal gaps in leadership.

Offsite Facilitations across Australia & India

Sonia Shah is also double as expert meeting facilitators. More goes into offsites than a lot of people think, from securing the right venue and date to having goals for the meeting ready long before the main event.

Sonia does coaching little differently. Sonia work diligently with your organization and meeting attendees in the months and weeks leading up to the event to interview key stakeholders and craft intended. This focused prep work works to produces a power-packed session that you can confidently deem a success.