About Sonia Shah

Sonia Shah is a successful businesswoman, author, motivational speaker and a philanthropist. At the age of fifteen, she became curious about how and why people around her respond differently to certain situations.

Sonia began asking herself why people were:

• Confused and unsure of what they wanted from their lives
• Always fulfilling everyone else’s expectations
• Forever impressing others and doing their best to gain others approval
• Unable to deal with challenges and setbacks in life
• Fearful of failure to the extent of sabotaging their chances of success
• Stuck in past injustices and regrets

During high school, while her classmates poured over Shakespeare and other literary books in the library, Sonia would silently sneak over to the psychology section and spent countless hours reading books, absorbing and understanding information about the human mind and behavior. As soon as she finished high school, Sonia enrolled in a Psychology degree and completed her honors in 2001. She then went on to complete a PhD in Psychological Medicine and worked in the field for several years. During this time, she also became a certified weight loss coach.

Through her extensive research spanning over twenty years, Sonia came to understand the core reasons why many people were:
• Unhappy in their current circumstances
• Confused and not sure if they were on the right path to success
• Fearful of the present and worried about what the future would bring
• Frustrated and unable to deal with life’s challenges
• Feeling dejected because everyone around them appeared to be doing well

On Sonia’s journey, she came across many people who frequently told her that they were confused about the relationships they were in, the careers they were pursuing, the communities they were living in, and the friendships they were making.
She realized that many people outwardly showed happy emotions, but inside they were unhappy, confused, fearful, worried, anxious, envious, defeated and angry.

In 2019, Sonia published a book that details a four-step program that permanently makes you feel inspired, confident and happier, designed to enable you to attract opportunities and take on risks and challenges effortlessly. The program focuses on your dreams and reduces the confusion in your life, and fills you with a deeper sense of satisfaction and peace, directing you to goals that now look exciting and empowering.

During her free time, Sonia visits orphanages and helps children to the best of her abilities. She realized very early on that these children were not only hungry for food, but they were hungry for love, knowledge, care and understanding.