The Confused Mind by Sonia Shah (Digital Download Version)

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Many of us feel lost, unsure and confused about our own needs and goals.
We struggle to meet expectations and gain approval, and we battle with
recurrent thoughts of past regrets. Even when we discover our goals, we
deal with criticism, challenges and failures along the way. All of this
takes a serious toll on our minds.

But what if you made small positive changes by following a simple
program and changed everything?

In The Confused Mind, Dr. Sonia Shah reveals the golden key to lasting
happiness and success. It is a motivational, powerful book that will
challenge you to rethink your life and gain a deeper understanding of
the root cause of confusion in your mind.

Imagine waking up every day feeling excited, happy, focused and in
control of your own life, supercharged, energised and ready to attract
and embrace opportunities.

This book has changed the life of many readers and will do the same if
you embrace it. Don’t be afraid of that change – act now and live the
life you were always supposed to live.”

Author profile:

“Dr. Sonia Shah is the CEO of Succeed with Sonia
( and empowers and motivates people to achieve
their goals. She also loves philanthropy work, and actively supports
many charities in South East Asia and Africa

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91 reviews for The Confused Mind by Sonia Shah (Digital Download Version)

  1. Teressa

    Writing style was great.
    Loved the information in each of the chapters. Examples used by the author are great and relevant.
    One of the best motivational books I have read (and I have read them all)

  2. Bhakti Singh

    I downloaded this book because of the cover image and title and I was expecting it to be yet another self-help. But I loved it! You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Nikita

    I am currently battling cancer and a friend gave me this book to read. As I finished reading the last chapter, I realised how much time (like some of the reviews mention) I have wasted my time trying to meet others expectations. I have promised myself that if i come out cured, I am going to implement the strategies in this book and I believe this will give me a new begining.

  4. Shreya

    Every chapter that has been written in this life changing book resonated with me. Yes I compare myself to others, I fear criticism, I find it hard facing challenges, I am forever impressing others, I am stuck in past regrets. So when I purchased this book, I felt as though I was staring right into a mirror.
    I read the book from cover to cover, engaged with the solutions and could feel a sense of relief as I realised I am not the only one battling all these silent little confusions in my head.
    I thank the author for writing such an excellent book.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Nilesh

    I like this book. It’s honest, factual and solution oriented
    I recommend this book for people wanting to live a happy successful life. It had all the ingredients for it.

  6. Richard

    This book speaks the truth like no other book would! Do yourself a favour and read it now

  7. Melissa

    This book has changed the way i live my life. I have made up my mind that from now on, I will now put my needs first!. This is one of the most life changing books you can read. The author does an excellent job of describing the major issues we face in life and the relevant steps to overcome these issues. I like the concept about the oxygen mask.

  8. James

    I am battling with autoimmunine conditions and always in and out of the doctor’s clinic. My sister recommended this book to me. I was hesistant as I am not the sort to sit down and read a book. One night when I could not sleep so I started reading the book and I have to agree it is a great read. An eyeopener and it speaks the truth. I have already started making some of the changes recommended in this book and already I can feel a difference in my attitude towards lfe.
    i am feeling more energised and willing to take on new challenges.

  9. Peta

    I would highly recommend you invest in this book, if you want to know how to change or improve your life. If I could give it 10 stars if I could! I read this book twice and each time, I have realised how much time I have wated on impleasing others and neglecting my own needs. To whoever wrote this book, a big thankyou!

  10. Cynthia

    My friend lent me a copy of this book just as I was going through a bitter divorce. This book makes so much sense. My husband and I were constantly bickering over his family’s expectations versus mine. I wish we had come across this book a few years back.
    The only reason I have given 4 starts instead of 5 is I wish the author had published this book a year ago…my marriage would still be intact.

  11. Ann-Marie

    This book hooked me from the the backround about the author’s trip to the train station all the way to the conclusion where she talks about the confused man who had so many labels. The content flows well and it is an excellent read to understand our minds with very practical tools and suggestions on how to incorporate these changes in your life. A must have bedside table book.

  12. Simon

    Definately a great read. Simple and easy to undersatnd. You need to sit down in a quiet place and absorb the information in this book. I loved the chapter on comparisons, fear of failure, criticism and the master solution, I plan to implement

  13. Marc M

    This book has had an amazingly positive impact on my life!
    Sometimes it’s the simple things like daily habits that can make the biggest difference!
    I’d highly recommend the book to anybody who is currently in an unhappy situation and wants to make a change.

  14. Elise

    This book is everything that you would want in a self-help!
    This book is one of the best, well written books regarding the mind and the confusion we carry in our minds.
    Well thought out and planned and extremely easy to follow. Read it! You won’t regret it!

  15. Maria

    Initially I thought this is another self-help book. But as I got to chapter 2, I realised this book is unique and reflects alot that is going on in my life. I am thankful to the author who has brought to light such day to day challenges. I got my 15year old daughter to read the chapter on comparisons and social media. She loved it!

  16. Isla

    An important work focussing on the confusion that surrounds each of us on a daily basis. A clever, witty view on how our upbringing constantly influences our decision making process. The most powerful message I take from this work is for individuals to wake up and start making their own decisions.

  17. Brady

    I gave this book a 5 star rating because it speaks the truth. So many of us deal with confusion in our lives but we don’t want to acknowledge it. The author writes candidly about the day to day issues people face that stop them from achieving their goals. Recommended for readers looking for a a solution to the frustration, despair and confusion they feel on a daily basis.

  18. Leanne Andrews

    I thoroughlyand immensely enjoyed reading this insightful exploration of the human mind. Thank you to the author. You literally touched on every single topic that has bothered and confused me in the last 45 years of my life. Thank-you for helping me understand myself.

  19. Ajay Sheth

    An exceptional book to have by your bedside table. I have read the book cover to cover and I must say for someone who dislikes reading, this is one book that made my heart race. It made me understand where all my insecurities and fear come from. I have made a commitment to myself to read at least one chapter everymorning before attending to the day’s chores. This book declutters the confusion in your head. It shows you how to take charge of your own life

  20. Jasmine Lal

    An Incredible. Life-changing book. I loved the example in one of the chapter’s rearding the author’s PhD challenge. Very insightful.

  21. Sakshi Patel

    Loved it. Would recommend to all my friends.

  22. Abdul Razia

    Full of great advice. This book should have come out years ago.

  23. Ken Tan

    100% recommended. A must read for those who walk around with a mind full of confusion (like myself!). My whole life has been about fulfilling others expectations. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

  24. Kate

    Enjoyed reading this book. Great advice throughout. I take charge of my life from now.

  25. Sean Paini

    The author is holding up the mirror. It makes you feel vulnerable but it speaks the truth. A must read.

  26. Sangeet Sharma

    Yes i had tears streaming down my face when I read this book. It explains everything that goes on in my head. I have spent a good few years pleasing people and trying to gain their approval. Now I understand why I never achieved my goals. My priorities have been messed up. Its my time from now. I loved the idea about the 1440 minutes in your bank account. Great read.

  27. Riyan Singh

    Bitter sweet. Bitter because it speaks the truth, sweet because it gives you a solution.

  28. Bijal Mehta

    This was one excellent read. I was a bit skeptical when I started reading it (not a big fan of self-help books). It is hard to explain how great this book is but I am sure just about everyone is the target audience for this book. Highly recommended.

  29. John Anderson

    Seriously read this. Very thought provoking.

  30. Ricky Page

    A work colleague recommended this book. So, I bought it and started reading it. I find the book quite interesting. My favourite chapter is the one on comparisons and social media. Very relevant to my insecurities!

  31. Akshay Patel

    I genuinely encourage everyone to read this book. Read it slowly, absorb the material . After that read the relevant chapter when struggling with an issue in life. For example last week, my boss criticised me and I read the chapter on criticism. This week I had some challenges and I read the chapter on dealing with challenges. Very relevant to your day to day problems.

  32. Chitra Bajaria

    You feel great reading this book and better each day you start implementing the solutions in this book.
    I’m going to re-read a chapter of this book every week because it does make a huge impact on my life

  33. Ronnie Chen

    This book has helped me navigate and understand my own GPS and stop following others GPS systems. Such a relevant example! An excellent write.

  34. Bethany Williams

    A mirror image. I read this book and felt I was directly staring at a mirror image of myself.

  35. Christine Milner

    I chose this rating because reading the first part of the book has already changed my life for the better. I believe this book is for anyone who feels they are confused and don’t know who is driving their life.

  36. Jenny Worth

    I highly recommend this book to anyone, whether it’s your first self-help book or your last one. I have read many self-help books and I believe this is a self-help book that is a combination of all self-help books. I read some of the reviews here and I agree with them. Great work!

  37. lorraine Kindel

    Great read. Very helpful. I like the author’s stories that put a personal spin to the confusion that goes on in our minds

  38. Alex Carter

    My personal and professional life has been hugely impacted by this book – particularly by the idea that “we need to follow our own GPS and stop being a cheerleader for others”. Loved it.

  39. Gemma Anders

    Each chapter in this book has something you can take and implement. I have already noticed a massive difference and the confusion in my mind has definitely reduced 🙂

  40. Valerie Parker

    This is a book that I will without a doubt re-read every chapter. It makes so much sense.

  41. Fiona Thomas

    My aunt recommended I read this book. I thought it would just be another self help. The book cover intrigued me so I decided to read it.
    A great read but do read in a quiet place. There is a lot you need to absorb and understand.
    Examples are the best!

  42. Monique Francis

    I gave it a 5 star. This book has made me understand the frustration, anger, and confusion in my mind. A big thank-you to the author.

  43. Isla Wilson

    Read it on a flight from London to New York. Best read.

  44. Alice Thomson

    You won’t be disappointed. Well worth the money

  45. Sheetal Sharma

    Absolutely loved the chapter on challenges and fear of failure. A wake up call for me!
    After reading your book, I have doned on a new personality for myself. I am not taking crap from other people anymore.

  46. Bradley Mccrae

    This book has really helped me in changing some of my negative thinking patterns and helped me replace them with positive ones.
    I feel so much light hearted ever since reading this book.

  47. Rachel Lee

    Highly motivational book! I learned a lot of very good tips for life that will propel me forward both in my personal and professional life.

  48. Jasper

    I am a highly critical reviewer and this is one of the few books I’ve given 5 stars too. Main reason being it perfectly reflected my life the way it is. It felt like the author read my mind and wrote this book. A good read with very useful solutions.

  49. Parker

    I received this book as a birthday gift from a close friend of mine. The book cover intrigued me so I “allowed” myself to give it a go. I absolutely loved the chapter on impressing others. After reading this book, I have decided to change for the better and focus on my own goals (not others!) I’ve recommended this book to most of my family and friends, and would recommend to anyone who feels like they are going nowhere in life. .

  50. Priya Patel

    This is the “mama” of all self help books. This book has convinced and inspired me to look at my life differently. Thank-you Dr Shah. We all live in denial as we fulfil everyone else’s expectations and yet push our own dreams and goals on the side. Through this book you have made me aware that my goals are just as important as everyone else’s.

  51. Linda Wong

    This is definitely a great read. It will change your life and will put a lot of things in perspective, like reducing your need to fulfil others expectations, learning to put yourself first before others and the best chapter of all-stop comparing yourself with others on social media.
    I highly recommend this book.

  52. Gayle Webb

    This book is indeed one of the best I’ve read in a long long time! I highly recommend it to everyone, especially the “confused”. It teaches you to focus on what really matters “YOU”.

  53. Philip Read

    I read this book and as others say on this site, it is indeed a great book. Being an entrepreneur, I jumped straight onto the chapter -failure as the first step to success. An eye opener! A highly enlightening read. I have vowed to myself that every-time I feel like I am sliding down, I will re-read this chapter. Very motivating.

  54. Kia Zhang

    I FEEL happy and relieved after reading this book because it helped me work around the confusion in my mind. Five stars!

  55. Gary Miller

    Very straightforward to understand. This book is awesome and I definitely recommend it to all those who feel like they are not achieving their goals in life.

  56. Chirag Bajaria

    This is a book that gives you a completely different perspective on the people you live with on a day to day basis. It makes you realise that you are living someone else’s dreams ..not yours. Thank-you Sonia- this is a must read book. A wake-up call for many people

  57. Patricia

    I am normally not the type to spend time reading self-help books. But like many people on this site, I too was intrigued by the book cover. I have to say you need to read this book in some quiet place and understand what the author is saying. Very helpful and I am sure each and everyone will find this book useful.

  58. Justin Beaver

    This book is very direct and honest and does not beat around the bush. Its central point is why we are so confused and then delves right into why our minds are so confused. The author (Dr Sonia?) explains the reason for our confusion and she approaches this in an excellent manner. She tells it like it is and then gives you a solution that makes perfect sense. This book can definitely help people achieve their goals. Good job.

  59. Marianne O’brien

    I have never written a review ..but I will give it a go. I am a housewife with three children (two diagnosed with autism) and a husband I never get to see(he works in the mines). For a long time I had been feeling frustrated with my life..wondering if there is something better out there. And no I am not a bad mum for thinking that. Sometimes i feel like just getting into my car and driving away from all my responsibilities.
    Then comes along this book. I let it sit on my kitchen table for two weeks debating on whether it is worth reading it. Last week I think to myself..what the heck and read the book. Again like many people, the cover art caught my attention. To be honest, I think this book exceeded my expectations. It won’t cure all your problems but it will make you aware of the challenges you are facing and how to solve them. If you don’t have time to read the whole book, my suggestion is to read the chapters on comparison, failure and positive thinking. Great read.

  60. Hiral Modi

    This book is well worth it

  61. Caroline Wolfe

    I love this book! I originally borrowed it from a friend but ordered my own copy last week. I keep highlighting all the relevant bits. I’m already re-reading it again, moving through each chapter slower this time to understand and take it all in. Love love love the chapter on comparisons and social media. Great piece of work.

  62. Sue Palmer

    This book speaks the truth.
    This book is life changing

  63. Kyle

    Our children need to read this book. Especially the chapter on social media and comparison.

  64. Elizabeth Wood

    Downloaded this book last night and read chapter one today. So far so good.

  65. Marshall Cornelio

    My take home message from this book is that I need to focus on myself and when I focus on myself I will be a much happier person. When I am happy, people around me will be happy too. This is my message and yours may be different. This book is very different to the other self-help books I have read. The author cleverly discusses the reasons why there is so much confusion in our heads. And she then explores ways we can reduce this confusion. Well written with great examples to support the author’s arguments.

  66. Punit Verma

    If you’re confused in life and simply can’t figure out where you are going, this is a great place to start.

  67. Irena Morris

    Here are the main points I like most:
    Part 1:
    ***Fulfil your needs first before you fulfil others expectations
    *** Do things that please you, not things that will please others
    *** Focus on your journey and stop comparing yourself to others
    ***Yes life is full of challenges and you can deal with them and heres how…
    ***So someone criticised you, how do you respond to that criticism
    ***And failure does not mean the game is over. In fact failure is the first step to success.
    ***And Part two is full of great solutions
    Overall thumbs up.

  68. Emily Farr

    Must read for people, who feel “things are not going their way”. I need to emphasise that you do need to allocate some quiet time to this book. I highlighted all the important bits and made notes throughout. I struggle to think positively so I refer to the relevant chapters every time I feel down and gloomy.

  69. Peter Macvoy

    *****LIFE CHANGING******
    This book has changed my life in the way that I am now paying more attention to my own needs. In essence, I would highly recommend this book to ANYONE because it teaches everyone how to focus on your own journey and filter out all the distractions.. This book covers a wide range of topics such as how to think positively, deal with challenging situations in life, how to handle criticisms, the step by step guide on choosing and realising your own goals. I encourage you to get a harp copy and refer to it on a daily basis.

  70. Ciara S.

    The cover art on this book aroused my curiosity.
    This book has a lot of real life examples and solutions for any type of situation you may find yourself in in. This book has great advice on how to work yourself around tricky situations. The author’s personal stories makes it easy to move from one chapter to another and the book flows well.

  71. David Turner

    Exceptional and extraordinary. I read the book twice and have promised myself to make some big changes in my life. Definitely recommend if you want to change your life or someone’s

  72. Belinda P

    I have bipolar and a friend recommended this book. My initial reaction was “I am Not Reading another self-help”.
    I did end up reading it and there are some tips and suggestions I can use from the book. I gave it a 3 star because the book took too long to download.

  73. Cynthia Waterson

    Being a yoga teacher, I have recommended this book to my students. If everyone reads this book, confusion will reduce and be replaced by happiness and peace. A must read especially if you struggle with the simple day to day “‘mind”‘ challenges

  74. Parita Sharma

    I bought this book for my teenage daughter. She has been spending lots of time on face-book doing and copying exactly what her friends do. Since reading this book, I have noticed some positive changes in her. Would highly recommend chapter 3 of the book if you find your sons or daughters constantly comparing themselves to others on social media.

  75. Bridget Cox

    I saw this book has received many great reviews. I was sceptical at first but after reading the book, this is my review
    “Most influential book I’ve ever read”
    “You won’t regret it”
    “Become the captain of your own ship”
    “You deserve the best in life and this book shows you how”.

  76. Brent Young

    This book opened my eyes to understanding human mind psychology. It is full of real people examples illustrating each point in an interesting way. I really enjoyed reading the author’s personal stories. I appreciate the smooth transition (or bridge) between chapters. Well written.

  77. Grace F

    I genuinely love this book. I started reading it and can not get over how remarkable it is. It talks about everything that is relevant to dealing with day to day mind boggling issues. I love the examples the author uses to justify her arguments. If you’re looking for a great book. Here it is.

  78. Sabrina Singh

    Even though this book was recommended to me, I was reluctant to engage and indulge in yet another “self-help”. Having said that, I did end up reading it and I am glad to say it was time well spent. The book has been very helpful for me and I have been able to identify areas where I have been sabotaging my goals whilst feverishly supporting my partner’s goals. For a long time, I had been feeling frustrated but this book has made me understand what changes I need to make in my life. Great read.

  79. Richard Bronton

    Loads of great advice. Some may be just common sense, but many of us fail to use common sense. I think it could be beneficial to pretty much everyone.

  80. Joanne S

    Love this book. Very easy to understand.
    Highly recommend this book for everyone.
    Bought one for myself and one for my daughter. She is super excited to read it after I told her how great it is.

  81. Rachel P

    Very encouraging and insightful

  82. Mathew G.

    A good colleague suggested I read the book for which I am ever thankful. I recommend to anyone having “confusion in their mind”. It can be a game changer if its principles are implemented.

  83. Anna Robson

    Some of the things that really stuck to me are:
    1. “Manage your thoughts and change your life”
    2. “Don’t live your life to please others”
    I have been bulimic all my life forever wanting to be a size 4 so others can see me as “the girl with the perfect figure”. Although this book is not going to cure all my problems, it does offer hope with tons of great advise. Thank-you to the author for making this book so easy to read and understand.

  84. Alexandra P

    I bought this book because I was going through a rough patch. This book explains simple basic principles that are easy to understand. It really does help make you feel better and gives great advice on how to improve your life. I’d highly recommend this book.

  85. Lidia Thomas

    An inspiring motivating book. This book really goes into great detail about how we can all reduce the confusion in our head.
    Stop Fulfilling expectations (tick)
    Stop impressing others (Tick)
    Stop comparing yourself to others (Tick)
    Deal with Challenges head on (Tick)
    One word: AWESOME.

  86. Gagandeep Singh

    The structure and style of writing is recommendable. The author is direct and to the point. Read it again and again as it applies to every day life :

  87. Pearce M

    The advise given here is very powerful and helps me deal with the mass confusion in my head. I’ve struggled with depression for four and half years and have tried everything from self help books to antidepressants. I am always feeling negative and dispirited. This book is like a ray of sunshine for me and is the first book in years that makes me to feel I am not the one to blame for my current mental status. Going back to my childhood, I realise now why I feel so depressed all the time. Although I wont go into detail about the unhappy upbringing I had, I do thank the author wholeheartedly for writing this book.

  88. Elly Hatton

    Must read! The author not only talks about how to change our mind set but actually goes into detail on how to achieve it. I keep it by my bedside and read a chapter every day. Very motivating.

  89. Nikky F

    Great self help book. The author discusses many important topics that contribute to the confusion in our heads. The first chapter is one where she talks about how we are always trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. She does this very well by introducing Shenai’s story which makes us realise to what extent many of us “unknowingly” and “subconsciously” fulfil others expectations. She talks about the invisible contracts that we have with our loved ones and introduces the oxygen mask metaphor and she does this so well. The book is great and an eye opener. I would certainly recommend it

  90. Lia Das

    When I first saw this book, I read the reviews and I decided to give it a try. I jumped onto chapter 3 and I absolutely loved the chapter on comparisons and social media. I am so glad I read this book. I feel crap every-time I read my friends posts on face-book. My perception is they are all leading happy awesome lives but this book reveals the behind the curtain story. I have since been reading the other chapters and have learned so much. I am only 18 but I would say BUY THE BOOK.

  91. Josh Warren

    If you need a book that’s going to shake you, rattle you and make sure you living your best life it would be this book

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