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The Number 1 Reason You Are Not Achieving Your Goals


  • Are you stuck in a life where you are just “getting by?”
  • Do you feel like you are confused and don’t know where you are going in life?
  • Are you having difficulty and lacking direction or confidence in your life?
  • Do you feel society, other people, your parents, circumstances and your surroundings are the reason for your failures and disappointments?
  • Do you feel frustrated because you are spending your time fulfilling the expectations of people around you?
  • Do you feel like everyone around you is living their dreams except you?

We go through our day to day routine miserably, believing everyone around us is leading happy, fulfilling lives while we are stuck in careers, relationships, families and communities that often make us miserable and unhappy.

But why are we confused? Why are we miserable and unhappy? The essential truth is that we have sacrificed our identity for the sake of pleasing others, and we have been conditioned to fulfil others’ expectations. We all have a past, and in that past, we had people who raised us and moulded us to think, believe and act the way they wanted us. And in that time, we lost our self-identity as we took on the identities of those who raised us. We were often told:

Don’t sit like that

Don’t touch that

Don’t speak to me like that

I want you to go to your room now

I am not going to tolerate that

Don’t cry, you’re not a girl

And even now, as you spend time with your partner or spouse, your thoughts, beliefs and actions are subconsciously shaped to fit with their expectations. No wonder you are so confused!

Through our journey of life, we are told what we can and what we cannot to do. We are told we cannot fail, we are told we need to improve, and we are told there is no room for mistakes. Our lives have been structured to fit into the framework of others’ expectations, and in that process, we have lost touch with our true self-identity. When we spend most of our lives fixated on what others want or expect of us, we confuse ourselves and we can’t be authentic and true to ourselves anymore.


But there is hope! No matter where you are on your own unique journey, I can help you find your true self-identity again. You deserve to be positive, happy, confident and self-assured. You deserve to wake up every morning feeling excited, encouraged, motivated, inspired and empowered. Now is the time to make a permanent change for everlasting happiness.

So, my question to you is:

Are you ready to make a positive, permanent change within yourself, your life, your career and your relationships?

This article was researched and compiled by Dr. Sonia Shah

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